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What to do when my child is past the cute phase and is now an adolescent.
February 06, 2017 07:15 AM PST
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How to document your child's progress
February 03, 2017 08:49 AM PST
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Join in as these two mommy advocates share a glass of wine while discussing various testing modalities and ways to document your Childs progress.

Autism Hope Alliance E-Newsletter December 2016
December 22, 2016 03:08 PM PST
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Autism Hope Alliance Newsletter, catch up on all our recent highlights and news!

Tips for Conferences
August 29, 2016 12:09 PM PDT
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Tip: the parent who is learning is making progress. The parent connected to their community is CONNECTED!

Why go
1) Learn from speakers, learn from the exhibit hall
2) More science in treatments since 2005 then all previous years combined
3) Meeting other parents
4) Talk to the resources that could help – before your fly and travel – interview (HUGE time savings)
Why NOT to go
1) Same speakers/topics
2) Something more interesting to you and won’t help your child
3) Because you need a break – take a real break. Immersion in autism 24/7 may not be the best strategy

How to get there
2) Frequent flier miles from family and friends
3) Scholarships
4) Work it baby
5) Share a room with a friend
What to bring
1) Your child’s medical & academic records
2) Get ready to go back to school – LAPTOP or tablet is better for notes.
3) The conference schedule – highlight must to sees (if you don’t know get a mentor so you can see the most important speakers for your child – NOT the latest and greatest)
If you are alone
1) Take the time to get more rest!!
2) Get to the TACA Mentor area – they will befriend you
3) Ask the organizer if there is anyone from your state – make it your mission to find them
What to do AFTER
1) Prioritize what you heard to discuss with your child’s team (doctor, therapists)
2) Make a list
3) Plan your steps –
4) I cannot afford all of this!! Revisit WHO PAYS FOR WHAT on TACA’s website

Newsletter July 2016
June 30, 2016 01:27 PM PDT

Newsletter July 2016
June 30, 2016 01:16 PM PDT

Autism Hope Alliance Newsletter April 2016
April 05, 2016 02:02 PM PDT
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AHA News!

Autism Hope Alliance - Newsletter December 2015
December 23, 2015 10:36 AM PST
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Autism Hope Alliance – Monthly E-News Letter, June-July 2015
July 28, 2015 11:09 AM PDT
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Autism Hope Alliance – Monthly E-News Letter, June-July 2015
July 28, 2015 11:04 AM PDT
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